Thomas Reimer - Film and Photo

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Photo by Kevin Unger

Photo by Kevin Unger

Storytelling has always been in my blood.

As I began creating stop motion films at 10 years old with Lego pieces and a small camera, I discovered my passion for telling stories through images.

Since then, I've worked on hundreds of productions, everything from advertisements, promos, short films, and feature documentaries.

In addition to film, I love capturing people, places, and experiences with my photography. Seeing faces light up when I show them my work is one of my biggest motivations in life.

I’m primarily working throughout the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada, although sometimes my work (or a spirit of adventure) can carry me all sorts of places.  I crave variety, new experiences, and being out of my comfort zone. Nothing makes me more excited than tackling interesting projects with cool people.

If you have questions, comments, or just enjoy my ramblings, shoot me a message.

It would be great to hear your story too.